SCAM: Synopsys, Cadence And Mentor.

Statistical Vaporware: Statistical Vaporware is short for Variation Aware Statistical Vaporware.

Variation Aware Statistical Vaporware: EDA tool(s) that meet all of the following characteristics:

1) They use sophisticated statistical methods such as Design of Experiments and Statistical Learning Algorithm(s) (aka Machine Learning Algorithm(s)), enabling the pre sales Application Engineer to demonstrate all sorts of fancy graphs and plots, and other useless statistical gadgetry.

2) After seeing the demo by the pre sales Application Engineer, the uneducated CAD manager will gladly spend zillions of dollars on the tools.

3) More often than not, they fails to improve parametric yield, reduce chip area or reduce performance variability significantly beyond what can be accomplished using the very simple mismatch analysis option already available in SCAM simulators (HSpice, Spectre and Eldo).