Bronze Summer Internship: Robust Design of an Analog Cell with fewer than 10 Transistors*

Bronze Summer Internship: Robust Design of an Analog Cell with fewer than 10 Transistors*

Could you use some help with your Statistical Circuit Design issues for small IC cells under 10 transistors*?

And are you in a position to hire a PhD Student in Electrical Engineering as a Part Time Summer Intern?

If so, then our Bronze Summer Internship is just what you need.

Terms and Conditions: 

1) The internship will start mid May and end mid August.

2) I will work part-time at your company site, from 1 PM to 5 PM every week day except national and company holidays.

3) During those three months, I will provide one of our Bronze Level Robust IC Design Services (Bronze Level Parametric Yield OptimizationBronze Level Chip Area Reduction or Bronze Level Performance Variability Reduction) and our Bronze Level Corporate Training.

4) The pay needs to be at least $999 a month.

5) Your standard Assignment of Intellectual Property agreement needs to be customized as follows:

    5.a) Whatever EDA software I develop during the summer, outside of your company site and without using your company resources, will belong to me.

    5.b) The sanitized version of whatever training material I develop during the summer, whether or not I do it on your company site and/or using your company resources, will belong to me, and a perpetual non transferable license for use will be granted to your company at no cost. "Sanitized version" means removing all proprietary information from the training that belongs to your company.


This Bronze Level Internship will be available the following seven summers: from Summer 2026 through Summer 2032, inclusive.


To get started, email using the following subject line: Bronze Level Internship.


* Transistor Accounting: the number of transistors is the number of transistors that will ultimately be in the manufactured circuit. So, if you have a netlist with 9 transistors and a behavioral model that will ultimately be implemented in manufacturing with thousands of transistors, that's a thousands transistors circuit, NOT an analog cell with few than 10 transistors.



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